10 Must-Have Beach Gadgets and Gear


Ready to hit the sand? A great beach getaway isn’t complete without the usual essentials: from sunscreen, sunglasses, and swimwear to music, coolers, and a great beach chair. However, what you need is not always enough if you want to step up your game spending time at the beach. With the right accessories, you can have even more fun and beat the summer heat. Check out our HotelPlanner list of the top 10 must-have beach gadgets and gear, including waterproof cameras and solar powered portable speakers, perfect for a much-needed vacation.

10. Must-Have Camera: Fujifilm FinePix XP90


If you love taking pictures and don’t want to skim on great picture quality, the Fujifilm FinePix XP90 waterproof digital camera is the best gadget to take with you on the beach and throughout your summer travels. It comes with a float strap that you can wrap over your wrist for a sturdy grip as you swim in the water, go snorkeling by the reefs, enjoy kayaking or paddle boarding, all with the comfort and convenience of being light, easy to travel, and is compact enough to fit in your luggage to your beach bag. Best feature? Its picture quality resolution with a 16 million pixels BSI-CMOS sensor making even dark scenes bright for high-quality images.

Where to Buy: Available on Amazon in blue, orange, green, and yellow

9: Must-Have Cooler: KoolMAX Bluetooth Portable PA Speaker


Be the talk of any beach getaway with this portable Bluetooth speaker cooler  that can hold up to 48 cans (or 28 bottles), advanced insulation technology that keeps ice frozen for up to 3 days, and comes with its own detachable cooler flashlight for those nights sitting by the bonfire. This incredible cooler has so many fun gadgets! It’s got a digital music player and FM radio, perfect for rocking out those summertime jams, a weather resistant built-in adapter for iPad storage and a charging compartment for an iPhone/Smartphone, and a heavy duty handle for easy transport.

Where to Buy: Available on Amazon in red, blue, gray, and orange

8. Must-Have Speaker: Portable Outdoor Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker by AYL SoundFit


Waterproof and wireless, this solar powered Bluetooth speaker beats the competition. Designed for the outdoors, the speakers feature 5-watt audio for stronger bass and higher quality sound when your listening to your favorite songs on the beach and is protected against low pressure water from any angle. It’s lightweight design (4.8 ounces) also makes it ideal when packing and carrying around. Pair it with any Bluetooth device and enjoy up to 12 hours of endless music with a range of 33 feet.

Where to Buy: Available on Amazon in green, orange, and blue

7. Must-Have Grill: Char-Broil Portable Gas Grill


Looking to grill at the beach? This portable BBQ gas powered grill is just a little over 10 pounds, making it the ideal, on-the-go option for cooking some delicious summer meals. The legs can easily fold over the top of the grill, locking the lid in place and its heat-resistant handles mean you don’t have to wait too long for it to cool down when your ready to go home. It can cook up to 8 hamburgers at once and the grill’s chrome-plated cooking grate is simply to clean and even dishwasher safe.

Where to Buy: Available on Amazon in solid black

6. Must-Have Case: JOTO CellPhone Dry Bag Pouch


This universal waterproof case is the perfect beach companion for your iPhone or Smartphone, protecting your phone, credit cards, and cash money while your out swimming, boating, snorkeling or doing any other water park activity. The waterproof pouch is ideal to take underwater pictures and videos too. It’s simple snap and lock feature makes it easy to protect it from not just water, but also snow, dust, sand, and dirt. The neck strap helps you conveniently carry it around even if you stay just on the beach.

Where to Buy: Available on Amazon in blue, green, camo, magenta, and more

5. Must-Have Drink Cover: Jokari Fizz-Keeper Can Pump and Pour 


Whether you prefer a can of soda or beer on a hot summer beach day, this fun beverage savor gadget not only helps keep the bugs and sand away, it even repressurizes your opened drink to keep it fresh and not flat. The sturdy caps fit most standard size cans and comes in a pack of assorted colors, to help you and your family and friends identify one another’s beverages.

Where to Buy: Available on Amazon in a fun, multi-colored pack

4. Must-Have Chair: SwimWays Kelsyus Backpack Chair Mesh


The beach chair that folds into a backpack, this portable gear offering relaxing comfort has armrests that turn into straps for  easy to use, over-the-shoulder transportation. The durable mesh seat keeps you cool in the heat and also comes with a fully adjustable headrest, ideal for lounging on the beach listening to music, reading a book, or listening to the waves.

Where to Buy: Available on Amazon in blue and one-size

3. Must-Have Bottle: O2 Cool Mist ‘N Sip Drinking and Misting Bottle 

Image result


Keep cool these summer months with a 2-in-1 water bottle perfect for keeping you hydrated and a fine-mist sprayer for keeping you cool and comfortable. It has a leak-proof spout top, holds 20 oz of water, and keeps it nice and cold. The bottle’s design makes it easy to carry and hold a firm grip while walking or laying on the beach.

Where to Buy: Available on Amazon in purple, blue, green, pink, and red

2. Must-Have Blanket: Jhua Waterproof and Sandproof Beach Blanket 


Of all summer gear and gadgets, this blanket is a gamer changer for all beach goers. Large in size and about 2 pounds, its foldable, portable, and made of PVC material, making it  also durable, waterproof and sandproof. It’s the ideal, comfortable blanket to sit, lay, and eat on at the beach with family and friends. If it ever gets dirty, the top layer can be wiped easily with warm water and mild soap, and the bottom layer can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Where to Buy: Available on Amazon in light and leaf blue

1. Must-Have Sun Protection: Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent

Image result for Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent


This specially designed beach tent is extremely lightweight (about 4 pounds) and offers up to UPF 50+ sun protection with large windows for ventilation. The interior is spacious and has convenient internal pockets on either side to store any personal items. It protects not just from the sun, but the rain and wind too, and comes with a carrying case that can fit easily in your car and over your shoulder on your way to and from the beach. Best feature? The tent’s fiberglass feature makes it durable and the PE floor is waterproof.

Where To Buy: Available on Amazon in this fun, coral blue

Do you have a favorite beach gadget or gear for the summer? Let us know in the comments below!


A digital content and communications specialist, editor, and cat enthusiast, Claudia Flores has a diverse background in public relations working at Hotel Planner and Meetings.com. A native of California and graduate from Liberty University, she is now residing in sunny West Palm Beach, FL. She loves traveling to new exotic places, dabbling in movie trivia, and has a soft spot for animals. Follow @ClaudeFloresPR





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